The Reading List: Storytelling Inspiration, News You Can Use and More


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Since storytelling comes in many forms, for this week’s Reading List I selected various platforms/tools. The list includes a few great examples about coming up with creative content, as well as some news and analysis of trends.

1. Social Media Storytelling: An Overview and TOMS Case Study

This Haiku Deck presentation is an easy and quick read that includes a few ideas to inspire your storytelling, using TOMS as an example. It doesn’t get deep into the topic (Haiku Deck presentations typically don’t) but it’s a nice, snackable piece of content that itself is a good example of thinking outside the box.

2. Video Marketing on a Shoestring Budget: Originality Has No Price Tag

Video marketing can get expensive, and this post has three examples of how you can use creativity to minimize the price tag. Although as a video producer, I suspect those videos were not necessarily shoe-string productions, I like the examples for their storytelling and thinking outside the box. The Dollar Shave Club video is my favorite because it gives the brand a personality, something many content marketers and storytellers often forget about.

3. The Social Life of Content: New Ways to Connect Across the Customer Journey (PDF)

Published a few months ago, this research report from MediaPlant looks at the impact of emerging technologies on content strategy, and what that means for brand marketers. The report includes an analysis of what drives the increased focus on content marketing, a discussion of content at different phases of the customer’s “brand journey” as well as other topics like recruitment of brand ambassadors and personalizing content. It’s an insightful read for anyone following the industry trends.

“The future of content marketing is not necessarily about managing new channels effectively, but about managing existing channels more strategically.” ~Rob Salkowitz, ‘The Social Life of Content’

4. LinkedIn: We Want to Be ‘the Largest Distributor of Professional Content in the World’

LinkedIn is a great tool for professional networking but as a social media and content distribution platform, it has played second fiddle to Facebook and Twitter. And apparently the company knows this — and wants to change. A “massive effort” is under way to make the platform more relevant for B2B content distribution. Check out the Marketing Week article to learn about the plans.

5. ‘Brewing Up the Best Content’ Infographic

If you love ingographics (and as a storyteller, you should) and beer, you’ll appreciate this infographic. And even if beer is not your cup of brew, the infographic is a great visual narrative about the process that successful content creation requires. Cheers!

Brewing Up the Best Content

This infographic is brought to you by ExactTarget Marketing Cloud and Kapost.

Author: Rodika Tollefson

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