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Adapt and Expect the Unexpected: Storytelling Lessons from the Producers of ‘Travel by Dart’

Conflict, drama, risk-taking, genuine storytelling — these are some of the ingredients of a winning storytelling formula that Travel by Dart producers have turned into a winning concept for their show.

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Audience Relates to Your Message

If your message doesn’t resonate with your audience, all the marketing genius (or budget) in the world won’t save your content from certain digital death. But making sure your current and future customers and supporters relate to your message is actually quite simple.

The Reading List: The Power of Email Newsletters and More

Some think email is losing its appeal among other ways to communicate, yet email newsletters are at the top of the list for marketers. Find out why in this week’s reading list.

Does Your Message Tug at the Heartstrings? It Should

For professional communicators, stories create opportunities to deliver a message that can accelerate our audience’s understanding, help people relate — and, hopefully, take action as they see fit.

Creating Beautifully Looking Prose with Canva

Image quotes are an effective digital storytelling technique, and Canva is an easy-to-use and versatile tool.

The Reading List: Storytelling Inspiration, News You Can Use and More

Since storytelling comes in many forms, for this week’s Reading List I selected various platforms/tools. The list includes a few great examples about coming up with creative content, as well as some news and analysis of trends. This week’s focus is on LinkedIn, video storytelling and content marketing trends.

Storytelling Fundamentals: Why Certain Stories Have Power Over Us

We can’t help but be impacted by stories. They activate our brain because we’ve been conditioned to them — and sometimes it comes down to brain chemistry.

Storytelling Fundamentals: Understanding What ‘Story’ Is

Storytelling is a (perhaps overused) buzzword today in just about any field that involves communication. But what, exactly, is a story? And why have some stories survived through the centuries?

The Reading List: Digital Media & Storytelling News, Tips from Around the Web

My top content choices this week are about repurposing content, using SlideShare, cons and pros of various storytelling platforms, plus a list of blog post ideas and a little inspiration from marketing giants taking advantage of the World Cup.

Experimenting with Haiku Deck Presentation App

Haiku Deck is aptly named. Creating a deck with this app does feel a bit like creating poetry. And as much as it is fun to use, it can drive some serious storytelling.


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